Colour correcting products explained

First we had BB creams that in time we came to decode as all-singing, all-dancing beauty balms that smoothed out and protected our skin with one handy product. BB creams are already passé though since we are now onto CC creams, or colour correcting creams that perfect our skin tones for a naturally beautiful visage.

They’ve been big news in our beauty radars for a good year or two now, and if you haven’t tried out this trend yet, then it is definitely time that you did give it a go! Less harsh than contouring, it can still really help to make the most of your skin without slapping on loads of layers of product. We’re here to help you get into colour correcting makeup, so read on to find out all about it.

How does it work?

So colour correcting makeup works not by masking your skin, but by cleverly using different colours that reflect light differently. This means that your skin tone can be evened out without heavy foundation or copious amounts of concealer, and it leaves a really natural looking finish. In fact, if you get good at applying it, nobody but you is going to realise what this clever little product is doing for you.

What do the colours do?

Typically, colour correcting products are made up of 4 different colours; yellow, pink, green and lilac and each one possesses a different colour changing ability. Yellow helps to conceal dark bags under the eyes and can make them disappear. Pink will brighten up your complexion which is ideal at this time of the year. Green is well known to tone down redness and red spots, making it a great concealer. And lilac will counteract yellow tones in your skin and give you a generally brighter look.

What product options are there?

There are of course a few options out there when it comes to choosing colour correcting products. The most common have to be the CC creams and powder foundations. These combine all of the colours in one product, leaving you just to apply as you would normally. Other options include concealers (cream, stick or pencil) in each separate colour which can be ideal if you suffer from say redness but not bags under the eyes.

What do you recommend for an entry level product?

For your first foray into the world of colour correcting makeup, a good pressed powder palette is probably the easiest option and will give you great results with minimal effort.  Use a good quality makeup brush or powder puff to apply evenly over your (well-moisturised) face. You can build up product where you think you need it most, and you’re going to be amazed at how well it blends with your skin for a gorgeous and dewy natural look.

Especially with springtime now approaching, it is high time you gave this beauty trend a go. It shows no signs of disappearing so you might as well get used to it as soon as possible! You’re certain to fall in love with the results.

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