Shake it up – overhauling your beauty regime

We know all too well that it can be easy to fall into a beauty rut, and you find yourself using the same tried and tested products that you’ve had in your makeup bag for years and years. And whilst there is nothing wrong with sticking to something that you know works, there are so many advances and new products constantly coming into the world of beauty that you need to be careful that you’re not missing out.

If you haven’t tried a new beauty product in ages, or are still wearing the same makeup that you wore years ago, this year you should try to make an effort to discover some of the amazing and innovative new products out there on the market. Not sure where to start though? Then here are just a few pointers as to the areas you should be looking to shop around in.

Face the foundation

Yes it is time to face the foundation and determine if what you’ve got stashed in your makeup bag is the right product for you. Don’t forget that with seasonal changes, your skin tone can also change, and as well, as we age different products can work better for different skin types.

You may love your liquid foundation thank to the ease with which you can apply it, but have you given it a closer look lately? Aside from avoiding tide lines and the fact it can so easily get on high collars, liquid foundation (especially cheaper ones) can end up looking shiny and settling in any lines, which is not a look that we’re loving!

A lot of people tend to shy away from powders believing that the matt look can be a bit aging, but with formulas that are better than ever, you can find that this is simply no longer true. If you fancy completely overhauling your foundation application, then give mineral foundation powders a go. With loads of shades available, you can find the ideal colour to suit you, and with the right brush (preferably a stout and fat bristled face brush), applying it is simple, speedy and effective.

Brow love

Forget the unfortunate over-plucking trend of the millennium, and instead focus on your brows for once. Aside from the odd waxing and attacking them with tweezers every now and then, a lot of us are guilty of neglecting our brows during our beauty regime, and if we do anything, it is with a positively antique brow pencil.

No more though – it is time to really up your brow game and give them a little TLC. From brow-taming gels, to brushes, tints and soft pencils that make achieving bold yet natural looking brows easy, take the time to really get your brows looking their best. They do after all frame your face so don’t overlook them.

One thing to remember though – you want your brows to look natural so don’t be tempted to go for much darker colours to fill them in with. The Scouse Brow is not a look that you’re after!

Luscious lippies

For so many years we were into lip glosses and nothing else, and lipsticks had almost an old-fashioned reputation. In the last few years though, that attitude has completely changed and lipsticks are most definitely in!

If you are still clinging to your lip gloss, then perhaps it’s time to give a lippie a go. They are easier to apply than ever (yes, as easy as lip gloss) and what with their stunning effects and moisturising abilities, they are a great addition to make to your makeup case. We particularly recommend trying out cool matt effect lippies, which are a key beauty look this season, and fat lip pencils that are so precise.

Just make sure your lips are well moisturised and soft before you go applying your lipstick so that you can be certain that it stays put.

Funky nails

Maybe you’re a fan of the classic French manicure, or perhaps you prefer going for a salon gel look, but it is time to make a change and check out all of the incredible home manicure products that are out there these days.

From chrome powders to nail stamps, transfers, ombré effects and more, don’t let your nails be dull! Nail art is a huge look, and one that looks set to stay so if you haven’t yet had a go, spend some time checking out the incredible designs you can create.

If your nails are on the shorter side, then make sure you give them a chance to grow by using nourishing polishes and plenty of hand cream. This doesn’t take a whole lot of effort, but will make a big difference to your nails.

We love trying out new makeup products and playing around with the stunning effects that we can achieve with them. There are so many to choose from though, our only problem is deciding in which order we’re going to try them out!
From your foundation to your brows, lips and more, if you haven’t tried any new beauty products in a while, it is time to shake things up!


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